Biomass revolution

About Biomass revolution

This project comes as a response to all those who have always had the intention of not only safeguarding the forests of their villages but taking advantage of all the organic material that is generated in all types of farms, but did not find the channels to do so possible.

It arises in response to the need for a protection of the natural environment and the use of an own resource to support a renewable energy that diminishes energy dependence from outside.

It is the solution to take advantage of the progress of a large number of technology companies related to biomass technology and by proper management of the forests, many people will be able to obtain a new source of funding.

It arises as the possibility of investing capital in a financial product, that assures us a future regardless of the pension that we are going to receive.

Services of Biomass revolution

• Study and feasibility of the use of rural forests to obtain biomass.

• Study and construction of any renewable energy project through biomass.

• Evaluation and design of renewable energy projects by biomass in rural areas.

• Evaluation and design of small biomass plants in rural areas.

• Design of crowdfunding campaigns, to finance the creation of small biomass plants.

• Location of future buyers of biomass and management of the sale of this.

• Updated reports on the valuation of all types of biomass.

• All these services are realized taking into account all the advances in energy generation by biomass, as well as respecting the environment.

Contact with Biomass revolution

As transparency and information are our letters of introduction, we make available to our future clients all our social networks so they are aware of all our movements.

We also offer our telephone contact 24h in whatsapp.

Whatsapp telephone: 34691839455