About Caroreal Club

This project appears as a response to all those who have always intended to invest in the production of vintage wines or winemaking, but who did not find ways to make it possible.

It arises in response to the great interest generated in recent years over everything that affects the world of wine and the need for protection of the rural environment.

It is the solution to take advantage of the progress of a good number of technological companies related to the world of wine, by means of a correct management of the cultivation, production and exploitation of the wine many people will be able to have an economic independence.

It arises as the possibility of investing capital in sustainable projects, that assures us a more peaceful future regardless of the pension that we are going to receive.

Services of Caroreal Club

• Study and feasibility of the use of rural spaces for the cultivation of quality wine.

• Organization of tastings in wineries of recognized prestige anywhere in the country.

• Organization of stays and travel of the most important wine-growing areas of the country.

• Evaluation and design of recovery projects of old wineries.

• Evaluation and design of the purchase and sale of warehouses.

• Design of crowdfunding campaigns to finance such projects.

• Locating future buyers of new brands and managing the sale of their production.

• Updated reports of the assessment of different brands of wine.

• All these services are carried out taking into account all the advances in the cultivation of wine, as well as respecting the environment.

Contact with Caroreal Club

As transparency and information are our letters of introduction, we make available to our future clients all our social networks so they are aware of all our movements.

We also offer our telephone contact 24h in whatsapp.

Whatsapp telephone: 606962176