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About Globalbankstartup

The associates , have among their objectives to collaborate in developing projects of construction and/or exploitation and/or maintenance in the following sectors:

Conventional energies, alternatives energies, distribution of energy, public construction, private construction, basic public utilities/services, specialized public utilities/services, marine and harbor services, transport, leisure and communications.

We seek professional companies, interested in projects, providing all the human resources, properties capital, and occasionally, financing, in most cases a distribution channel in any country.We are flexible in our negotiations.

Services Globalbankstartup

• We deal any kind of industrial transactions: real estate or financial.

• We deal and monetize any kind of financial instruments.

• SWIFT management services

• Insurance Wrap management services (usually with the aim of obtaining funding or access a program)

• We operate in EBICS, Euroclear, DTC, Server to Server (S2S), SWIFT MT103, Bank Draft (SWIFT MT110), Foreign Exchange, etc.

• We fund the trading of crude oil or refined through Letter of Credit (LC) or Standy Letter of Credit (SBLC)

• We fund the construction of new buildings, the development of an industrial project and the acquisition of resorts and hotels through financial instruments or private equity.

• We fund social and humanitarian projects through financial instruments or private equity.

• We fund the reconstruction and development of disaster areas, with sovereign guarantees and other financial instruments.

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