About Recycle

This project emerges as a way out of the personal and social crisis (political, economic, scientific and religious).

It arises in response to a clearly unfair situation, wants to be an example of a collaborative economy.

It is a good solution to take advantage of the progress of a number of technological companies related to all fields of society.

It arises as a possibility to take advantage of the best of us, that assures us a future regardless of the pension that we will receive.

Services of Recycle

• Recicla acts in different planes and dimensions:

• Work: Recicla raises a job exit to people who want to participate in the project, gives the option to earn income depending on the time one wants to dedicate, we are not a work force, we are "partners".

• Partners Recicla: To be a "partner" of Recicla you only have to contribute 150 "things", things can be material or immaterial ... In some countries we accumulate things and in other ideas, dreams and vital projects, in some countries we are left over and in Other scarce. Our "partners" are in contact at all levels, to correct the imbalances, to collaborate with each other and to benefit. Our partners offer their "goods and services".

• Products and Services: Do you have things to sell? We announce them to you. You are a musician? We put you in touch with others. Do you need to introduce yourself to Mayor of your town to help your neighbors ?. We vote for you. Do you have a project ?. In 120 countries you can develop it. And if you want to visit us, come to a "Recycle Shop".

• Stores Recycle: Stores are opened by partners responsible for helping people and promoting projects, Recycle Stores are places where people collaborate and associate.

• Recicla offers microcredit for students and SMEs, promotes the development of knowledge and technology, offers the possibility of earning some income to those who seek them. Recycling is, in short, a new way of understanding reality.

• Do you multiply?

Contact with Recycle

As transparency and information are our letters of introduction, we make available to our future clients all our social networks so they are aware of all our movements.

We also offer our telephone contact 24h in whatsapp.

Whatsapp telephone: 690667874