Royal Olive Oil


About Royal Olive Oil Club

This project appears as a response to all those who have always intended to make the most of their olive farm, but did not find the right platform to make it possible.

It arises in response to the need to increase the presence abroad of a large production of olive oil using a fast and reliable technological platform.

It is the solution to take advantage of the advance of a good number of technological companies related to the world of cultivation and exploitation of olive oil.

It arises as the possibility of being able to obtain a greater yield of the agrarian exploitations, and obtain a good return by them.

Services of Royal Olive Oil Club

• Study and purchase the production of olive oil, making sure that it is an updated price to the market.

• Study and design of olive farms by specialized personnel.

• Study and promotion in the network of olive oil produced by cooperatives.

• Study and management of all types of subsidies to which olive oil cooperatives are entitled.

• Design of crowdfunding campaigns to finance such projects.

• Updated valuation reports on farm auctions.

• All these services are realized taking into account all the technical advances that contribute the current technology.

ed out taking into account all the advances in construction, as well as respecting the environment.

Contact with Royal Olive Oil Club

As transparency and information are our letters of introduction, we make available to our future clients all our social networks so they are aware of all our movements.

We also offer our telephone contact 24h in whatsapp.

Whatsapp telephone: 34691839455